Specialist Areas


Auslan (Australian Sign Language) is taught as the language other than English from Reception to Year 4 at Blakeview Primary School. Auslan is the language of the Deaf community in Australia. In Auslan lessons students learn how to communicate using Auslan as well as develop their understanding of language and culture.

Spanish is learnt in the years 5 and 6 to support transitioning to local high schools. 

Physical Education

During PE, students develop skills and an understanding for healthy living and having safe, active lives. They learn about their strengths and actions they can take to keep themselves safe and healthy. Students practice movement skills through active play and structured movement activities and games with and without equipment. Rhythmic and expressive movements to music are also incorporated.

Digital Technologies

Students will explore what ICT is, looking closely at the benefits and limitations of technology. Using Chromebooks, students will solve real world problems by being introduced to basic computer operations, keyboard shortcuts and functions. Our upper primary students will learn how to word process, use google drive, Outlook email and design program Canva.  


During Science lessons in the junior years at Blakeview Primary, students are studying `It`s a Feature’, (Biology), `What`s it Made Of’, (Chemistry) and `Move It’, (Physics) in Reception. The students find the learning engaging, interactive, motivating and fun. Science provides vocabulary extension as well as an introduction to experimental processes and scientific thinking for all students.