We would love you to become involved with your children’s school.                                                      Getting involved builds which services we can offer our students.

Committees and meetings

  • Attend Governing Council Meetings twice a term
  • Join an advisory committee such as OSHC or Finance
  • Join the Fundraising Committee

Helping out around the school

  • Volunteering to help new families settle in
  • Volunteering in the Stephanie Alexander Kitchen
  • Library (book covering, displays, re-shelving)
  • Helping in the garden

Helping in classrooms and student activities

  • Reading or changing readers
  • Sharing a language or culture with students

Sports and sport carnivals

  • Assist with sporting carnivals and activities

Improving our school and Grounds

  • Special projects such as paving, tree planting etc

School and community events

  • Help cook BBQ’s
  • Help sell raffle tickets or give out programs
  • Assist with the Mother’s Day Stall
  • Assist with the Father’s Day Stall

Please remember that ALL Volunteers must have a WWCC  (Working with Children Check) and a RRHAN (Responding to Risks of Harm, Abuse and Neglect) certificate  before they can volunteer at any Government Site. Both of the certificates are free for volunteers. Please visit the office to find out more.