Literacy at Blakeview Primary School is a high priority with each aspect being an intentional teaching and learning sequence.

Reading begins with phonological awareness, phonics developed through systematic, synthetic process. InitiaLit is a structured approach which develops initial letter sounds, blending strategies and development of tricky words in the early years. 

Years 3 to 6 students learn phonology, morphology and etymology to develop a deep understanding of the rules of the english language. 

Comprehension is explicitely taught through guided reading sessions where teachers and SSO's work with small groups of students in short, intentional sessions to develop:

  • predicting
  • questioning
  • clarifying
  • summarising
  • thinking aloud
  • noting the text structure
  • visualising

Writing is developed through different text structures. Each year, Brightpath is used to assess and moderate student writing samples to determine growth of students' ability to produce functional, purposeful texts with accurate spelling, grammar and punctuation.