Parent Teacher Interviews will be held between:

Monday the 19th of March to Friday the 23rd of March (Week 7)

BOOKINGS OPEN on Tuesday the 13th of March.

BOOKINGS CLOSE on Friday the 16th of March.

When the bookings are open, go to and create and view bookings.

Use one of the following event codes:

Blakeview PS Event Code : 6r622

For the Disability Unit, Please call the school.

Create and view Creche bookings using the same site and the creche code below.

Creche Code : 52fur

For parents that don’t have access to the internet, a computer kiosk will be available in the administration building from Tuesday the 13th of March onwards, so that parents can still make their own bookings.

A member of the administration team will be available to assist if required.