About Our School

Blakeview Primary School is a South Australian Government school established in 1992. Situated in the Playford Council district, Blakeview is approximately 28km north of the city of Adelaide.

Blakeview Primary School is a zoned school. You can use the Find a School or Preschool website to determine if you live in the Blakeview Primary School zone. To load the map press the ‘I understand’ button on the website.

Blakeview Primary School is a vibrant community located in a rapidly growing subdivision of the Northern Adelaide Region.

Blakeview is recognised by families as a caring school of highly professional teachers and support staff who provide personalised service to families and students in a modern high quality environment.

The participation of parents and carers in all aspects of school life is high and always encouraged and valued. Blakeview has an important commitment to empower learners for positive participation in our school, our community and our world.

The school upholds the values of respect, responsibility and honesty through the promotion of high achievement and lifelong learning.

The school's improvement priorities are literacy, numeracy, and learner engagement. Teaching and learning programs are designed and implemented with a focus to meet the learning needs of students and achieve their potential.

The intervention and support programs for students with disabilities are highly regarded.

Students are encouraged to participate in extra-curricula activities such as drama productions, music, student leadership and sporting events.

The Blakeview Primary School community is committed to providing the highest quality education and care for all students in a supportive and caring environment.