Governing Council

The Governing Council is accountable to the preschool/school community and to the Minister for Education for representing the views of the community about the priorities and educational needs of its students and children, and for supporting the principal in her role.

The Governing Council of a school is a representative group of at least five members.

The Governing Council meets twice a term to represent the whole school community in understanding local educational needs, setting broad directions for the site, and monitoring and reporting on achievements.

This is an important partnership between Blakeview Primary School’s local community as represented on its Governing Council, and the school principal who work together to develop the future directions for the school.

Membership includes:

  • Parent Members who form the majority of the Governing Council membership.

  • Community Members may be appointed (up to three). These may be from business, industry or community groups; they may be people with particular skills relevant to the current goals of the council, or they may be members of local or state government.

  • The Principal is automatically a member

  • Two staff members are elected to council by a meeting of all site staff.

If you wish to read a copy of the Governing Council Constitution one is available below and at the front office.

If you wish to raise an issue at Governing Council please put it in writing and give the letter to a Council member or to the Front Office.